General Conditions Of Purchase

Owner: MAD Experiencias Cultural Association (hereinafter: MAD Experiencias)

Address: 6 Francisco Vivancos Street, 28002 Madrid. Spain

C.I.F. number: G88506688

Contact email: [email protected]

Read carefully the following general conditions of purchase before using MAD EXPERIENCES services:

I.- Scope of application

All rentals, purchases of products and services are made in accordance with these terms. These General Purchase Conditions apply to all future activities without the need for a new express contract.

By placing an order, the customer agrees to fully bind the purchase and sale agreement established in these terms and conditions to MAD EXPERIENCIAS.

MAD EXPERIENCIAS offers the marketing of its products and services in Spain. Outside Spain, MAD EXPERIENCIAS must be contacted by sending an email to [email protected] to review the application. MAD EXPERIENCES will contact you.

MAD EXPERIENCIAS can periodically modify these general terms and conditions of purchase, the most recent version of which can be viewed on the site at any time.

II.- Communication with the customer

When ordering, the customer must provide at least one e-mail address and a telephone number, the function of which must be guaranteed from the moment of the order to the end of the order. In particular, the customer must check the settings of the spam filter (locally and / or his own e-mail provider) and make sure that he receives the e-mail from MAD EXPERIENCIAS. This specified email address and telephone number may be used for future orders, provided that the customer does not modify or request the modification or correction.

MAD EXPERIENCIAS messages, sent by e-mail to the specified e-mail address, are considered received by the customer at the time of sending. MAD EXPERIENCIAS is responsible for possible transmission errors only if they fall within the scope of MAD EXPERIENCIAS. The customer has the opportunity to provide evidence.

MAD EXPERIENCIAS is not obliged to inform the customer of errors, defects or malfunctions in the email account or telephone number. However, the customer can provide evidence that receiving the message would be technically possible and reasonable.

III.- Formation of the contract

If the customer purchases a product or service and the above information specifies a different electronic shipping address (for example, if you purchase the product or service from someone other than you), this fact will remain unchanged after the contract of the customer has been completed. However, if the customer acts in the name and in the interest of a third party, the contract will be binding on it only if that fact is credited and announced to MAD EXPERIENCIAS and MAD EXPERIENCIAS has also expressly approved the execution of the contract with that person. In other cases, compliance with the customer contract is not affected by specifying another electronic shipping address.

IV.- Acquisition

To purchase one of our services, you need to select the desired service, review the description and the services it contains and continue with the booking process as soon as the date and the number of people who wish to use the service are specified.

So you need to follow the given steps. I'm:

1. Enter your personal data to complete the contracts.

2. Specify the payment method: cash on delivery, PayPal or bank card are accepted. In cases agreed by both parties, the transfer can also be made by bank transfer.

3. Confirmation of purchase and shipment to the e-mail address indicated on the electronic ticket.

4. Show your electronic ticket (mobile or printed) to the MAD EXPERIENCIAS manager at the place and date you confirmed and you can enjoy your booking.

Before purchasing any of our services, you need to consider the following:

- When you purchase a tour in Spanish or in another language, it corresponds to the description MAD EXPERIENCIAS in each of these languages.

- MAD EXPERIENCIAS has the right to be admitted to one of its services.

- MAD EXPERIENCIAS can make changes to timetables, travel routes and service cancellations up to 4 hours before the start of the service.

- MAD EXPERIENCIAS is not responsible if one of the guides arrives late at the meeting point for reasons that go beyond MAD EXPERIENCIAS and can change, postpone or cancel the service. In any case, we will try to meet the specific needs of customers within the scope of MAD EXPERIENCIAS after a delay in service and / or a referral.

- MAD EXPERIENCIAS is not responsible for the cruelty of our customers who provide the service.

- MAD EXPERIENCIAS is not responsible for any damage suffered by the customer by our services. We will only respond if our responsibility allows it.

- The reservation of this service is valid only for the date selected on the purchase ticket.

- The services are suitable for all target groups unless otherwise specified for a specific service.

- Services include a guide in Spanish or another language in which the booking was made.

- Everything that includes the service can be found in detail on the website.

- If the schedule of a service changes, the customer will be informed promptly.

- Service reservations can be changed or canceled up to 24 hours before the day of the experiment.

- MAD EXPERIENCIAS is not responsible if the customer does not reach the meeting point in time and the amounts paid by the customer are not refunded.

– If you have questions about a term, we recommend that you contact MAD EXPERIENCIAS through the channels enabled on the site.

V.- Prices, payment methods and billing

All prices of services on the site include IGIC and other applicable taxes.

The accepted payment methods are cash on delivery, PayPal or bank card. In cases agreed by both parties, the transfer can also be made by bank transfer.

The payment process provides for maximum commercial security measures and works on a secure server using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. The secure server connects so that the information is encrypted with 128-bit algorithms. This ensures that they are understandable only on the client's computer and website. Therefore, the use of the SSL protocol guarantees:

  1. Let the client pass their data to the MAD EXPERIENCIAS Server Center and not to someone who tries to pretend to be him.

  2. The transmission of data between the client and our server center is encrypted so that it cannot be read or manipulated by third parties.

The customer agrees to make the payment at the time of booking and to confirm the booking.

The ticket or proof of purchase corresponding to the booking request will be sent immediately after order confirmation. If you have lost it, you can request a duplicate using the contact options on our site.

The customer must inform MAD EXPERIENCIAS as soon as possible of inadmissible or fraudulent charges on the card used for purchases by e-mail or telephone so that MAD EXPERIENCIAS can carry out the corresponding procedures.

MAD EXPERIENCIAS will send invoices for the services provided, if expressly requested, by e-mail. The customer accepts this form of transmission of the invoice. The invoice is not a requirement for its expiration.

VI. Formalization, cancellation of purchases and responsibility

Once the order has been formalized, i.e. with the acceptance of the general purchase conditions and confirmation of the purchase process, MAD EXPERIENCIAS always sends the customer an e-mail confirming the details of the purchase made.

MAD EXPERIENCIAS accepts canceled orders under the conditions indicated below. To cancel the service, it is necessary to request it via e-mail indicating the reason for the e-mail address [email protected].

Keep in mind that:

– Reservations for services can be changed or canceled up to 24 hours before the day of the experiment.

– MAD EXPERIENCIAS is not responsible if the customer does not reach the meeting point in time and the amounts paid by the customer are not refunded.

MAD EXPERIENCIAS is not responsible for errors that occur during delivery if the e-mail address specified by the customer on the order form does not correspond to reality or if the data relevant for booking the service have been omitted.

The customer must verify that all purchase details are correct after confirming the purchase. If he detects an error, he must be immediately informed via e-mail to [email protected], indicating why MAD EXPERIENCIAS can make the appropriate changes. MAD EXPERIENCIAS is not responsible for any errors made by the customer in choosing the desired service and date.

Consequently, the customer has the right to notify the customer of the defects only if he has fulfilled his inspection obligations and to inform the customer if he claims his complaint within 24 hours of confirming the purchase but at least 24 hours before the confirmed date. on the wrong product. After this period, the customer loses the right to complain because it includes the product received in full agreement.

VII. Withdrawal

The customer can exercise the right of withdrawal up to 14 days before the date indicated in the booking, without justification for his decision and without penalty of any kind from MAD EXPERIENCIAS, for which all the amounts paid by the customer will be refunded.

To exercise this right of withdrawal, the customer must download the following form:

Once completed, you must send it to [email protected]

VIII. Complaints

If the customer believes that his consumer rights are violated or ignored, he can file a complaint with the customer's office in his geographic area. At the same time, complaints between us and users can be resolved through a consumer arbitration process.

If you made the payment through PayPal, you should also know that this organization acts as an intermediary between the customer and MAD EXPERIENCIAS in the resolution of complaints.